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Bailey J
Do not drink alcohol
; Kirovskaya, T
Who was Harry Anslinger and what effect did he have on the usage and acceptance of marijuana Negative Effects Depletion of serotonin (feelings of depression & anxiety), drowsiness, muscle pain
From galactorrhea to osteopenia rethinking serotonin-prolactin 32
Too much of the drug, however, can release an excessive amount of serotonin into the brain and can bring about a dangerous condition known as serotonin syndrome
Which means that, when taken orally, the liver metabolizes and excretes, as
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When you do not do the things that help produce serotonin naturally you may be more likely to feel down and depressed because you can not experience that neurotransmitter naturally
Like morphine, and buprenorphine (subutex, suboxone)